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Why Choose Saturn Antennas ? 
Saturn Antennas, LLC is a small Arizona based parts and service company that specializes in providing assistance in purchasing, installing, troubleshooting, upgrading, modifying, replacing and designing radio antenna sites (farms). Other wireless systems are available for sale or service too as are cable based systems like MATV or CATV for commercial or industrial video applications.

Your project could be a single satellite antenna for sat phones or GPS for example, mobile or vehicular applications or elaborate multi-band arrays that include small towers, dishes, masts and tripods or other stands.

For areas outside of Arizona, we are primarily a parts supplier and installation consultant; that is job one, but other services may be available for your area. We provide custom made or off the shelf products from a vast array of supplier / manufacturers and offer our experience to aid you in choosing the best possible products for your project design parameters. Most RF parts suppliers, CB shops and electronics stores simply push their line card or offer advice that is not derived from first hand experience as a user or an installer. Their services are akin to asking for help from a typical department store salesman as to which TV is best. Best for whom? Salesmen work for the sales manager and are trained to push the most profitable products ONLY! End of sentence. They also have NO experience in the electronics technical arena. Engineering firms may be an option for you as they can design your installation and hire an installation contractor, but this may be much more expense than is necessary. Check with us first if you know that your site needs don't constitute a large installation.

Saturn Antennas has NO sales personnel.
No employees work on commission.
When you contact us, we will discuss your needs one-on-one and then evaluate your project and offer a recommended solution. If Saturn Antennas is not the best solution for your needs, we will tell you that. Integrity is mandatory in our projects.

Saturn Antennas does not have a set product line card. We provide parts for our customers on an individual basis, as per your specific needs. We do plan to offer a product line in the future for some limited applications, but they will all be selected on their superior performance, not a high profit margin. This will be especially important to know for customers that purchase antennas and communications equipment for emergency personnel or for survival purposes, like storm shelters, panic rooms, fall back shelters, radio shelters or for survivalist group needs.

Custom one-offs are designed to your needs or specifications. We can design and/or build VHF and UHF antennas that will meet a need not currently offered by manufacturers. For example, we can produce many designs from storm resistant materials like Stainless Steel, Titanium and Carbon Fiber. We can also modify antennas for higher performance or build / modify antenna mounts for buildings, masts, towers or vehicles like boats, trailers, portable command centers or off-road vehicles. Higher and lower frequency antennas can be provided from other manufacturers for the same applications. Even mobile antennas can often be modified to improve their performance.

We have two business partners that can provide TOP QUALITY GPS and other high frequency antennas, Low Noise Amplifiers, filters and reradiators. There is room for special adjustments in these products to better meet your needs. Supply outlets can not offer you that service. They just sell parts.

Much of our business has been to support military antenna deployment needs, specifically for Research and Development contractors. We have fabricated several hundred custom made mounts, coax cables and brackets for antennas and various support components. Support components can be cables, lighting protection equipment, power cables, radio equipment mounts or specialized grounding & bonding components, and much more.

Some example customers are: Motorola, General Dynamics, NASA, Salt River Project, Hamilton Sundstrand and City of Scottsdale Water Services and Police Department.

The majority of our custom made products have been for classified projects and/or on Department of Defense regulated properties, therefore we are unable to provide photos of those examples of our work. Others will either be posted on our web site or can be made available as a resource for planning your projects.

Most of our past customers had needs of one-off products, but Saturn Antennas is seeking new customers that are either separate from military products or have needs for multiple units of radio or antenna products.

With high costs for cable TV and increased coverage and programming on Digital Over The Air Television, Master Antenna TV systems are becoming popular again for commercial applications. Saturn Antennas would be happy to assist you in implementing an Digital MATV system in your building.

We also offer sales and installations for Audio-Visual media components for call centers, crisis centers, panic rooms, control rooms and labs for system status, performance metrics, news, weather, digital signage and more. All this can work in concert with your radio and computer systems to ensure smooth operations and informed employees.
We are pleased to sell to and consult customers around the United States but our installation services are limited to local sites and our experience must be a good fit for your needs before we will consider a site installation. We would however be exceedingly happy to assist you as a technical resource during your planning and installation phases.
Why Choose Saturn Antennas ? 
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