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Why Choose Saturn Antennas Services? 

Military personnel live by the creed that everybody comes home, no man left behind. Saturn Antennas also lives by this creed. Customer projects are part of our business, but your staff, facility, property and our employees should never be considered acceptable losses for the sake of a project. Our employees are instructed to take all the time and precautions they need in order to complete their tasks, SAFELY.


How many times have you seen Plumbers come into your building and start cutting holes, breaking cables and bending things so that they can get in and out quick? Well Plumbers are not unique, American service companies have switched from using skilled tradesmen and craftsmen to under trained, unsafe and under motivated employees. They come into your plant with bad attitudes and carelessness and you are left with the carnage, often not discovered until months or years later. Saturn Antennas DOES NOT operate that way. When we are on your job site, we give your staff and building all due consideration and respect. Saturn Antennas technicians must always represent our company integrity.  


No local job is too small. If you have tried in the past to hire someone to install a small antenna or run some coax or bring roof grounding up to safe levels, you know that most will not make time for your small jobs. Big companies have big overhead and need big jobs. Saturn Antennas is a small company that wants to be your go-to partner. We can sometimes provide large installations as well, but if not for your project, then we can always serve as a project manager or technical assistant in order to ensure that your wireless installation is completed as you envisioned it would be. You get to be the hero to the big wheels.


Saturn Antennas is more than just a supplier. We can become an extension of your facilities department. This has been the backbone of our services aspect. Facilities personnel know how to keep their plant safe and operational for their customers, but if customers request communications components to be installed or integrated into your building, then you are being asked to operate outside of your realm of expertise.

This is where we come in. Saturn Antennas understands what your responsibilities and challenges are, and how customer requests can occasionally be in conflict with what is best for your building, other tenants or your responsibilities to your company. We can be flexible as to what kind of communications are installed, where and how they are installed and are happy to work with your current staff so that we operate like a member of your team, not some intruding contractor that is only concerned with doing the installation quickly.


Big companies with big overhead must deal with big projects or charge big money. Saturn Antennas is small so we can assist with small jobs and charge less than the big guys.

Why Choose Saturn Antennas Parts? 
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