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Why Choose Saturn Antennas Parts? 

Saturn Antennas is not in the business of providing poor quality imports. We are not the right supplier for you if you are seeking the cheapest antenna system you can buy. We understand that your building will go through many end users and remodels during its life span, but it must maintain its integrity during that life span. Communication system installations should not compromise your building in order to save a few bucks. Rest assured that any parts we supply to you will come from reputable manufacturers with proven products and our custom made products are overbuilt so that they may provide a margin of performance for the unexpected.


Saturn Antennas does not try to offer a limited line of products from our inventory. We want you to have the parts that will best serve your needs. We have access to 10ís of thousands of parts from warehouses and manufacturers and we understand how to install them. If you are unsure as to what you should be purchasing, Saturn Antennas will be your project partner and locate the parts that best meet your project criteria.


Antennas must necessarily be placed near their respective radio gear. This often means that an antenna must be installed in an inhospitable location on your building. That will mean problems acquiring a suitable ground, proper building penetration for coax and means for a safe and easy mechanical attachment of the antenna(s). Saturn Antennas specializes in fabricating custom parts for antenna installations that would otherwise force you to compromise the safety or mechanical integrity that you normally expect.

You could contract a local metal shop to fabricate some brackets for example, but they will not understand the building or the antennas needs. Examples would be corrosion considerations, lightning protection, metal fatigue do to wind loading, damage from ice, coax accessories, dirt or water inclusion, insect infestation, thermal expansion/contraction and more. Our experience with installations has taught us what should be considered when fabricating custom parts. We consider worst case scenarios, so you will not have one.

Why Choose Saturn Antennas Services? 
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