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Fax: (888) 298-1187
  1. Consultation: Review your needs
  2. Budgetary planning
  3. System design
  4. Our proposal
  5. Product delivery or installations
Email or fax us with your contact information and a basic description of your wireless need so we can setup a good time to explore what solutions Saturn Antennas can provide to your organization.

Saturn Antennas provides on-site installations for Arizona locations only. However all other U.S. locations can still benefit from our consultation, parts sourcing or complete systems can be shipped to you fully tested with support for your on-site technicians during installation and testing. We are not accepting international customers at this time.

Regardless of your projectís location, Saturn Antennas will provide a turnkey solution for your wireless system installation. Saturn Antennas specializes in providing custom designed wireless infrastructures for facilities of all sizes.

Saturn Antennas has implemented RF in-building repeaters, closed RF networks, antenna installations & satellite uplinks, DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems), shield room alterations, lightning protection for RF and DC cabling, RF lab test bench grounding and more with a 100% customer satisfaction history. Clients have always been Fortune 500 companies, Department of Defense contractors often utilizing Military hardware, or Emergency Services however customer cutbacks and industry slow downs necessitate that Saturn Antennas branch into new markets. Our experience with those customers can now be acquired by your organization.

It is our desire to now support the needs of small retailers, laboratories, factories, hospitals, amateur radio operators and marine applications. Saturn Antennas LLC is a small, privately owned company incorporated in the state of Arizona. You will never be taken for granted like large corporations often do.

For local Arizona on-site system installations, Saturn Antennas will provide a dedicated and experienced technician to oversee the installation of your project. Our technician will coordinate interactions between the various project owners involved, including; Safety, Facilities, Management, IT and your Engineers to ensure a flawless installation process.

For off-site projects, Saturn Antennas will provide products or systems that are built to meet or exceed your project needs. Each system is fully tested prior to shipping it to you. It is a proactive approach that minimizes surprises and delays, and optimizes the entire installation process.

Maintenance programs are also available to Arizona equipment owners.

Customers outside of Arizona are encouraged to allow Saturn Antennas to write a preventative maintenance program specifically for your systems.

Technicians dispatched to your Arizona site are chosen in order to match their skills with your site needs:
Some are experienced in complex wireless system installations and some have various construction experience. Your needs dictate what team members will be dispatched.

Our personnel are U.S. citizens and are available to meet your facilities background checks in order to satisfy basic needed security clearance as well as acceptance of a COMSEC Brief. Saturn Antennas personnel have experience working with customers on proprietary projects and production areas including SCIF rooms. We have supported many government Classified and Secret programs but are not taking any new clients in that arena at this time.

Our array of products are FCC approved and carrier compliant where applicable. Complete turnkey solutions include site evaluation when necessary.

Cellular based equipment is compatible with all US cellular services providers and supports all operating systems including AWS, CDMA, GSM, LTE, TDMA, 3G, 4G, EVDO, HSDPA, UMTS, and EDGE.

Antenna solutions are also available for data centers, Wifi, two way radios, vehicles including ships, SCADA, public safety applications and various permanent & mobile emergency command centers.

Our experience in RF in-building design, ensures a high performance GPS repeater solution, Cellular & Data enhancement and even Sirius/XM satellite radio enhancement for any applications.
Saturn Antennas does not provide services or products to U.S. or foreign Military or U.S. Federal departments of government or foreign governments.
Local municipalities and State agencies are invited to contact us.
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